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DELL Alienware Aurora R4 i7-3820 8GB 1TB DVD-RW ATi HD7870

22.000.000  VND

♦ Bo mạch : Alienware™ Approved Intel® X79
♦ Bộ xử lý : Intel Core i7 3820 3.6Ghz, 10MB L3, 5GT/s
♦ Bộ nhớ : 8GB DDR3 bus 1600Mhz
♦ Đĩa cứng : 1TB Sata 7200 vòng/phút
♦ Đĩa quang : DVD-RW
♦ Đồ họa : 2GB ATi Radeon HD 7870, 256bit ( card rời )
♦ Màn hình : Chưa bao gồm
♦ Âm thanh : 7.1 Channel Audio HD
♦ Mạng : 10/100/1000 Intel
♦ Giao tiếp : 8 USB, , ESata, IEEE 1394, SPDIF
♦ Kích thuớc  : Cao: 42.6cm. Dài: 64.5cm. Rộng: 25cm. 20Kg
♦ Hệ điều hành : Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit
♦ Bảo hành. VAT : 03 tháng. Hàng 2nd 90%
♦ Khuyến mãi : Keyboard + Mouse
Available with Windows 8.1 – designed for a smooth, versatile PC experience.
An incredible gaming experience

An incredible gaming experience

The feature-packed Alienware Aurora delivers extreme performance for gamers and power users with its exclusive and innovative chassis boasting advanced thermal management, CPU liquid cooling and an easy-to-upgrade design. With the optional ALX chassis, you'll get the Aurora's unique Active Venting technology, a premium CPU liquid cooling solution, cable-free, tool-less hard drive bays and internal theater lighting for even easier upgrades.
Go beyond the limits

Go beyond the limits

The Aurora is now available with the latest Intel® Core™ i7 processors including an Extreme Edition option, processors with as many as 6 cores and 15MB of cache and overclock speeds up to 4.3GHz with Turbo Boost technology. These new options are part of Intel’s new IvyBridge-E 4000 series family of processors. With more cores, almost double the cache of previous generation Haswell processors and quad-channel DDR3 memory, you'll tear through your most demanding games and applications at lightning-fast speeds.

Key Features of IvyBridge-E Family of Intel® Core™ i7 4000-series processors:
  • Improved CPU performance
  • 40 lanes PCI-Express Gen 3.0
  • 4 Channels of DDR3 at 1866MHz
  • Intel® Turbo Boost Technology 2.0
  • Intel® Hyper-Threading Technology
  • Unlocked processor options to Overclock 

Win the battle against heat

Win the battle against heat

The Aurora chassis features a sophisticated system of thermally monitored and controlled air chambers that allow you to monitor your system's internal temperatures. The optional ALX chassis features the addition of automated Active Venting for on-demand heat dissipation during intense gaming sessions.

High-performance CPU liquid cooling

High-performance CPU liquid cooling

Keeping the Aurora cool is key for component longevity and performance. All Aurora systems come equipped with CPU liquid cooling that enables reduced system acoustics, improved heat transfer and greater overclocking potential than traditional heatsinks and fans. For even lower CPU temperatures and less fan noise, upgrade to the optional Premium CPU Liquid Cooling solution (premium solution comes standard with ALX chassis upgrade).

Gaming you have to see to believe

Bring your games to life with the latest NVIDIA and AMD multi-GPU graphics options. All graphics options on the Aurora utilize GDDR5 graphics memory, the fastest and most advanced type of graphics memory available. Plus, transform your gaming experience with advanced 3D technology. The Full HD 3D capabilities from NVIDIA and AMD will blow away your expectations as you blow away the competition. Aurora also supports up to 500 watts of dedicated graphics power that enables dual graphics and multi-GPU configurations for the most intense and demanding gaming sessions. Paired with the latest Intel Core i7 processors, you'll not only have the extreme performance required for the most immersive gameplay, you'll have enough power to even create the game. And with multi-display support, you can create an immersive experience across multiple screens. It all adds up to gaming like you’ve never seen it before.
Advanced technology to boost your gaming performance.
 High performance memory    Advanced hard drive options
High performance memory
Quad-channel memory gives you the power you need for high-performance gaming and so much more, including multimedia applications, home and home office applications, professional design simulating software and video editing.

  Advanced hard drive options
Take full advantage of Aurora's massive storage capacity with new 3rd generation SATA technology and options for 7,200 rpm hard drives, solid state drives and RAID combinations for higher performance and security. 

 Enhanced entertainment and storage    Increased wireless capability
 Enhanced entertainment and storage
Options like DVD burners, Blu-ray Disc™ combo and Blu-ray Disc burning drives elevate your entertainment and can boost your storage options from 740MB to 50GB for media backup.

   Increased wireless capability
With optional 802.11n Wireless-N connectivity, Aurora opens up greater placement possibilities. Additionally, you can share your home network capabilities with visiting friends to share data.


























Connect to your gaming ecosystem

Connect to your gaming ecosystem

The Alienware Aurora offers easily accessible input and output ports for all your accessories and multimedia needs.

Ultimate control. All from one place

Make it your own and change how you experience the game. The redesigned Alienware Command Center 3.0 lets you monitor and manage your system's thermal controls, customize lighting and special effects, accelerate your gaming performance, record in-game performance, and more — all in one hub.
 AlienFX™   Alienware Thermal Controls 
AlienFX™ is Alienware’s exclusive lighting control system that allows you to create your own custom lighting and special effects for a truly unique and personalized look.

  Alienware Thermal Controls
Alienware’s Thermal Controls allow you to control the thermal and venting behavior of your Aurora. You can also create and save multiple thermal and venting profiles for different usage scenarios.

 AlienAdrenaline    AlienFusion
AlienAdrenaline features a custom game and application launcher, a system performance optimizer and a performance monitoring tool.

AlienFusion power management controls give you the freedom to decide when you need maximum performance for resource-intensive tasks and hardcore gaming or when to scale back for less intensive daily tasks.




















Accessories & Services

Accessories & Services

Essential accessories for your Alienware Aurora

Complete your Alienware Aurora with any combination of Alienware TactX™ accessories and Alienware Vindicator bags designed to enhance and protect your gaming experience. Look for these great products and more at checkout.

Alienware TactX™ Keyboard
Alienware TactX™ Keyboard
Prepare for battle with the TactX Keyboard featuring programmable macro keys, an anti-ghosting WASD cluster and exclusive Alien FX™ customizable lighting for two zones.
Alienware TactX™ Mouse
Alienware TactX™ Mouse
Get pinpoint accuracy from a mouse made for premium gaming. Plus, you can customize and save macros to its onboard memory for true plug-and-play performance.
Alienware TactX™Headset
Alienware TactX™Headset
Hear your enemy’s every move. The TactX Headset features a custom-engineered soundscape that gives you the ability to single out key in-game sounds for the competitive advantage.
Dell UltraSharp Monitors
Dell UltraSharp Monitors
Immerse yourself in rich colors and razor-sharp details. Our Full HD monitors offer a virtually borderless window into a lifelike world, and give you exceptional control and flexibility.

Your Alienware Aurora comes with Alienware Basic Support

One year In-Home Service after Remote diagnosis
Have a technician and/or part dispatched to your home following remote diagnosis if the issue is covered by Dell’s Limited Hardware Warranty

Dell Cloud Data Tools, now standard on all PCs
Never be without your data, no matter where you are. PCmover, Dell Backup and Recovery and PocketCloud all come standard so you can securely store, share and access files..

Look for these additional services at checkout

Alienware Enhanced Support
Includes In-Home Service after Remote diagnosis, plus Premium Phone Support, offering 24/7 access to dedicated Alienware advanced support technicians for hardware and software assistance, including in-game repairs and troubleshooting.

Accidental Damage Service
Let us repair or replace your system in the event of an accident. Accidental Damage service covers surges and screen breaks, liquid spills, accidental drops and falls.

Optical Drive

  • Single Optical Disc Drive Options
    24X Dual-Layer Burner (DVD±RW) (Standard)
    Dual Layer Blu-ray Disc™ Reader (BD-ROM, DVD±RW, CD-RW)
    8X Dual Layer Blu-ray Disc™ Burner (BD-RE, DVD±RW, CD-RW)

    Dual Optical Disc Drive Options
    Dual Layer Blu-ray Disc™ Reader (BD-ROM, DVD±RW, CD-RW) and 24X Dual-Layer Burner (DVD±RW)
    8X Dual Layer Blu-ray Disc™ Burner (BD-RE, DVD±RW, CD-RW) and 24X Dual-Layer Burner (DVD±RW)

Sound Card

  • Internal High-Definition 7.1 Performance Audio with Waves MAXX Audio Software (Standard)
    Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Xtreme Audio (Optional)
    Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium (Optional)


  • Front I/O Ports
    (2x) Hi-Speed USB 2.0
    (1x) SuperSpeed USB 3.0
    (1x) Microphone In
    (1x) Headphone/Speaker Out
    (1x) 19-in-1 Media Card Reader (Optional)

    Rear I/O Ports
    (1x) RJ-45 Gigabit Ethernet
    (4x) Hi-Speed USB 2.0
    (1x) SuperSpeed USB 3.0
    (1x) Microphone In
    (1x) Line-In
    (1x) Front Left/Right Speakers
    (1x) Center Speaker
    (1x) Rear Left/Right Speakers
    (1x) Side Left/Right Speakers
    (1x) SPDIF Digital Output (TOSLINK)
    (1x) SPDIF Digital Output (Coax)


  • Internal Expansion Slots
    (2x) PCI-Express x16 (electrical spec: x16/x16)
    (2x) PCI-Express x1

    Memory Slots
    4x 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM Slots


  • Alienware™ 875 Watt Multi-GPU Approved Power Supply


Motherboard and Chassis Form Factor
MicroATX Motherboard, Mid-Tower Chassis

Color Description
Matte Stealth Black

System Dimensions
Height: 16.77" - (426mm)
Depth: 25.39" - (645mm)
Width: 9.847" - (250mm)
Average Weight: 45lbs - (20.41 Kg.)

Optional "ALX Chassis" Features
Alienware Active Venting (Height with top vents open: 17.59" (447mm))
Enhanced AlienFX™ System Lighting - 8 Lighting Zones
Slide-in, tool-less, and cable-free hard drive bays
Internal Theater Lighting
Operating System Options
Windows® 7 Home Premium (64-bit)
Windows® 7 Professional (64-bit)
Windows® 7 Ultimate (64-bit)

Alienware Command Center
Thermal Controls

Software Personalization Options
AlienFX™ System Colors
Personal Avatar

Cyberlink PowerDVD 3D is included on all systems equipped with Blu-ray drives

Processor and Core Architecture
Processor Cooling
Alienware™ High-Performance CPU Liquid Cooling
Chipset Architecture
Intel® X79 Express Chipset w/ Unlocked BIOS for Overclocking, CPU Socket 2011

Recyclable Packaging Material Details

Alienware desktop packaging is made from 68% recyclable products.

Internal shock absorbing structures are made of 100% recyclable high-density polyethylene.
The materials used to make these structures come from 100% household post-consumer bottles.

Alienware Aurora direct packaging dimensions
34.13" x 17.63" x 26.0" (866.90mm x 447.80mm x 660.4mm)

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